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After all these years we return together
this looks great I was wondering when the community would pop back up
This is completely new from anything previously ran! So no
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i_am_kingclutch aOwner posted Aug 14, 16

Hey Guys,

The game Infestation is now free to play on our server!!! To join do /server infestation.  We are really looking foward to playing with you guys and listening to your feedback.

Hope all of you enjoy,


Infestation beta released!

hallowhead1 aOwner posted Aug 2, 16

Infestation beta has been released!

We are proud to announce that the beta testing is officially underway!

thanks to KingBirdy

What is infestation?

Infestation is a completely custom made game that this network has been working on for several years now!  The idea was born several years ago back when we ran a different network.  We put the idea aside for several years and here we are again finally finishing out our baby.  The game intself is loosely based of the high demanding LoL and Dota, we've tried to add some core concepts from those two games with also adding many many features of our own.

General playing

There are two teams, the red team and the blue team, each team spawns inside their base and can't leave it for several minutes (should be roughly 5, but may be seen as 30 seconds for testing purposes).  In those 5 minutes you mine for loot which will turn into tokens (as seen in your scoreboard), be aware when mining the blocks don't actually drop loot to stop others from stealing your loot.  You mine majority coal which automatically turns into diamonds which also automatically turns into tokens.  These tokens are very important as you'll be able to use these to upgrade not only yourself, such as armor, pick, spawn iron golems, and even attacks that are sent to the other team.  More importatnly you'll be able to use them on your zombies!  Yes your zombies, each team is also equipped with waves upon waves of zombies, these zombies have specific goals, kill players attacking them, kill other zombies nearby, and most importantly attack the core!  The core is the whole objective of the game, you destroy the opponents team you win the game, however, players are not allowed in the core room, only zombies.  So you need to make sure to assist your zombies by leading them to the core room (they know where the core room is so don't worry if you don't know where it is) slay the other team (zombies and players) to earn tokens to continue to get upgrades!  OH and by the way make sure to pick a kit at spawn they are really useful xD

Other stuff

A beta pass costs only 5 dollars, and compared to the price it cost to get this awesome game made we really don't think its too steep!

Beta testers upon full release will receive special tags in-game as awell as access to a special beta tester kit

Get your pass at

Make sure to let all of your friends know about Infestation as it could be the next biggest thing!

Make sure to give us feedback and support on issues that arise!


Thanks, and enjoy!


Skyblock is live

hallowhead1 aOwner posted Jul 26, 16

The Skyblock Server is live!

Join @

As you all know the skyblock server was supposed to launch yesterday July 25th, however I've seem to have launched it a little late!  I wanted to add some last minute features that I think you will all enjoy!  I can't guarentee that everything is in a perfect working state just yet, but I'm glad to announce that the server is open!

If by chance you guys find any bugs or glitches please, I REPEAT please report them to me on the website.  I make sure to take care of them immediately.

As for new features I'm also extremely open to new ideas or changing of current ideas that are currently in existance.

Donator ranks have been instilled!  Please go and check them out to support the server, and prolong the development of the Infestation game!

Voting has not been installed  yet as I have to set it up with the proxy, that's tomorrow... well today's goal!  Just need to get some sleep first.

Infestation Update

We are still in a very buggy state in which we can't release the close beta, with that being said though make sure to get your beta pass so that as soon as it's opened you can join and play!

I'd imagine that we will have a stable launch within the next 3 days!

PLEASE PLEASE get a beta pass, as it will help us learn a lot about the game as well as help further develop it!

Thank you guys as always!  

Enjoy Skyblock,



hallowhead1 aOwner posted Jul 25, 16

Welcome to the Atraxia Network!

In the shortcomming future (most likely tomorrow July 26th) we will be launching our first branch of the network a Skyblock Server!  We believed that this was the most saught after genre for a Minecraft server, hence our launch.  We will strive to accomedate all the players and take all suggestions into great consideration.  We are not the type of owners to simply not add a feature or functionality because we don't think it will be "cool, or good"  We are all about about making the server a better experience and more fun for our player base!  Both Dom and myself (Joseph) are very active when it comes to being in game.  We can usually be found on multiple times throughout the day for extended periods of time.  Any complaints and or concearns please voice them to either of us, with that being said we also have the forums for you to add your opinions/suggestions and simply just chat with the other community members!


Along with the release of the skyblock server we will be launching the beta to our baby, Infestation.  This has been an idea we've had in the works for several years now, and are glad to announce that it's realease is around the corner!  I don't want to spoil anything or let anyone know exactly what type of game it is, but expect it to be awesome and incredibly addictive!  The beta will extend for several weeks after being released and will be able to be accessed after purchasing a beta pass for 5 dollars.  The amount and time and money that went into this plugin we've become required to charge 5 dollars to get early access to help offset some of the total cost!  Along with that the beta is a time for players to offer suggestions and locate bugs to help create a perfect launch.  By purchasing a beta pass you are also locking yourself into a special kit that will only be available to the beta testers upon full release.  A special tag will also be given to all the testers for assisting us in testing and locating bugs.

There will be 100 beta passes available for purchase, so make sure to get yours now, even before the beta is released to ensure that you've got yourself one!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Your friends at Atraxia,

Joseph & Dom

minernoel00 Miss you bro :(
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